About Custom Boots

Custom Boot

Custom Boot is specialized for advanced-skaters. The complete-fitting provides the most comfortable for who pursue better perform and the best speed.

1. The insist on quality
The materials including carbon,foam,eva… on boots are 100% made in Taiwan.

2. Technical requirements
Takino put in numerous human resource and training since established in order to accomplish every details perfectly.

3. Customers’ Feedback
Takino attaches great importance to after-sales tracking, with customer feedback and suggestions constantly; Takino has reached a very skillful stage.

4. Sponsor
Takino has been sponsored dozens of top pros, covering Taiwan, China, Korea, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia and so on, the numbers are constantly increasing, in order to make a great development of racing in the world.

Carbon Fiber

In terms of carbon, we usually use 3K and 6K carbon fiber sheets which made in Taiwan. To insure the strength of shell, every step is being monitored severely.

To attach the lowest risky, we only use non-toxic glue made in Switzerland.

3K carbon fiber sheet

3k usually being applied in the manufacture of aircraft and model making that we use it in stock boots.

6K carbon fiber sheet

6k usually being applied in model making, auto parts and aerospace that we mainly use it on custom boots.